7kg Tumble Dryer


The Indesit tumble dryer with Eco Time feature offer’s optimum energy savings. Eco Time is a programme dedicated to drying small loads in a short time.

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Product Description

icn-ecoTimeEco Time
The new Eco Time drying programme is perfect for small loads (up to 2kg). Thanks to the innovative Sensor Drying System, the dryer optimises energy and time consumption based on the actual load. This allows for savings on energy and time compared to traditional cycles.
icn-dry-cotton15 Automatic sensor drying levels
An automatic sensor in the drum monitors moisture levels and stops the drum when your clothes are perfectly dry, ensuring your clothes stay as good as new. Special drying modes: Cotton Cupboard, Cotton Extra Dry, Cotton Iron, Eco Time, Refresh, Special Shoes, Sport Intensive, Sport Light, Synthetics Cupboard, Synthetics Iron, Wool.

icn-shoeShoe Rack
The unique accessory that allows Indesit to achieve the best drying shoes in record time. Thanks to the special container shoes rack, shoes are positioned in vertical allowing the hot air flow to penetrate inside and Dry thoroughly without leaving trace of moisture.


Product Dimensions: H 85cm x W 59.5cm x D 58.4cm
Weight: 34.7kg

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